Family History Conference
16 April 2016
Calgary Alberta Stake Center
2021 17 Ave. S.W.

Thanks to all who attended!

Classes Offered  

Canada - Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and PEI: An overview of the different sources available to research your ancestors from Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and PEI.  (Presenter: Susan Keyes)

Canada - Ontario: An overview of the different sources available to research your ancestors from Ontario.  (Presenter: Tara Shymanski)

Canada - Prairie Provinces: An overview of the different sources available to research your ancestors from Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.  (Presenter: Judie Riddell)

Canada - Québec: Learn how to research ancestors who lived in Québec. Basic national and provincial record sources will be included for both Anglophones and Francophones.  (Presenter: Janice Cushman)

Digitizing Photos and Documents: This class will demonstrate how to digitize your photos and documents, and explain the best settings to use when scanning.  (Presenter: Ryan Michelsen)

DNA and Genealogy: This class is an intermediate class that assumes that the participant will have a basic knowledge of DNA. The instuctor will demonstrate how to use DNA results to help break down your 'brick walls'.  (Presenter: Earl Schultz)

Eastern Europe: How to research in the Ukraine, Poland, and eastern European countries.  (Presenter: Marian Jones)

England and Wales – Basic: Learn about the kinds of records that are available to assist you in finding your English and Welsh ancestors, with emphasis on civil registration, church, and census records.  (Presenter: Valerie LeBaron)

England – Advanced: Learn about less-used record sources (such as probate, and marriage bonds and allegations) and how they can be used to solve research problems.  (Presenter: Carol Hutchinson)

FamilySearch – Family Tree: Family Tree is an updated approach to organizing and recording your genealogy online. It focuses on getting the data right through using sources and working with others to get the best information. Come and learn how to use this feature on  (Presenter: Frances Swendsen)

FamilySearch – Historical Records: Learn what is available at Historical Records at, and how to search the records more effectively.  (Presenter: Carol Hutchinson)

FamilySearch – Overview: Come and learn about the many facets of, including FamilySearch historical records, family trees, Wiki, research courses, and much more!  (Presenter: Frances Swendsen)

Genealogy on the Cheap: Learn how to get the most out of paid genealogy websites - without paying. Find out what computer tools are free or low cost to help with your research.  (Presenter: Tara Shymanski)

Ireland: Learn how to research your Irish ancestors. Basic record sources will be included. Come and see what new records are now available online for researching your Irish ancestors.  (Presenter: Janice Cushman)

New England States: An overview of the different sources available to research your ancestors from the New England States.  (Presenter: Carol Hutchinson)

Organizing and Backup of Digital Media: This class will teach you how to organize your photographs and documents, so that you can find something in less than a minute. It will also cover different ways to backup your data to prevent loss.  (Presenter: Ryan Michelsen)

Palaeography - Reading Old Handwriting: This presentation will focus primarily on learning to transcribe documents written in the English language. It will be a 'hands-on' class where participants will be expected to transcribe actual documents.  (Presenter: Janice Cushman)

Scotland: Learn how to research your Scottish ancestors. Basic record sources will be included.  (Presenter: Judie Riddell)

Sweden and Norway: This presentation will provide suggestions and strategies for researching ancestors from Sweden. The instructor will identify resources, including church records, census, and civil records. Although the focus will be on research in Swedish records, some of the techniques can be used for other Scandinavian countries and there will be brief coverage of Norwegian resources.  (Presenter: Jessie Hislop)

Writing Personal Histories: Learn the techniques required to make a personal history come alive!  (Presenter: Valerie LeBaron)

RootsTech Videos:

  1. Getting Started in Genetic Genealogy (Diahan Southard)
  2. You've Mastered the Census and Basic Search, What Next? (Karen Auman)
  3. Homespun and Calico: Finding Our Foremothers (Peggy Lauritzen)
  4. Proven Methodology for Using Google for Genealogy (Lisa Louise Cooke)
  5. Finding Elusive Records on (Robert Kehrer)
  6. Become a Master Searcher on Ancestry (Anne Mitchell)


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